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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
4:07 pm
Oh, gosh, darlings, I promise that this is the last journal change for a long long time. I just wasn't feeling the vibes with this one! :) Forgive me. My new journal is at classic_sixteen. So yah! I added all of you over there so add me back! :)

(it's a muu muu!)

Friday, June 25th, 2004
10:52 pm
Bonjour mes amies!

I have one thing to say first; thank goodness livejournal's all fixed up! It was going so slow I was ready to pull my hair out. Which wouldn't be good since I curled it today! It was soo bouncy and soft. I love curling my hair ;)

I've also been wearing my mom's pearl earrings. She has so much jewlery that has a lot of history. She hardly wears any of it, so she's been letting me! So far, she's just given (more like borrowed ;)) me her pearl earrings. She has a few necklaces too and was showing me the difference between real ones and fake ones. I love my mommy :) except for the fact she deserted us this weekend! :) Just kidding - she's on a weekend trip to Florida. Apparently one of her co-workers has a condo on the beach and they're just getting away until Monday. So yah. It's okay though. :)

So, what happened yesterday...hmm. Well, here, I'll make a dashy (-) list. Yay! :)
1. Jamie took me to Sonic's. We bought the "brown bag" special that came with two hamburgers, two fries and two drinks. So, we each had that. Then, we each got a Sonic's smore's blast. Mmm! It was so good & HUGE! I thought I was going to be sick.
2. Then, she took me to CVS because I needed a new toothbrush. My old electric one was just naaaasty and it needed to be changed. So, I got one just like it, only aquaish lightish green ;)
3. After all that, I went to Brian's house from about 5:30 till 11. It was fun. He's so sweet. We just laid on his floor and talked for about two hours. Then kissing and hugs and then we went outside and caught fireflies! We named all the ones we caught and it was so cute. I love him so much! Our little eskimo kisses we hafta sneak at school; catching fireflies and naming them together; piggy back rides up the hill in his yard; racing and because he runs SOOO fast (he does track), he always gives me a two giant step-10 second headstart...and lets me win. He's so amazing :)

d'oh. :slaps head: I didn't even use these things -. I'm a dork. NOT a whale's penis. pervert. :)

Today, I've brushed my teeth three times. I love brushing my teeth :D it makes me feel so clean, lol. Besides, new toothbrushes feel good on my gums, lol. Other than that, nothing too excited happened. Oh! Wait. yes, it did, lol. Mr. Collins called me back. He is such a nice man! He told me that he has a used copy of the book I need in the front office at school with my name on it. He said I could use that over the summer and then when school starts back, he'll let me buy a new one from him. He was really nice and my dad already likes him, lol. I didn't have time to get the book today, but Monday I'm going to get it. I'm actually almost done with my summer work! Here, have a lookie at what I had to do:

Honors English II
+ read As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner
+ read Our Town (play version) by Thorton Wilder
(I've taken notes on both because we have to write an essay the second day of school)

AP US History
+Read chapter 1 of United States History, Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination
+Copy and fill in an outline for this chapter (after reading, I should be able to answer the multiple-choice questions at the end of chapter 1)
+Study & analyze documents through the readings
+Prepare two five-paragraph essays on questions 2 and 3 at the end of chapter 1 - each should include a developed thesis, topic sentence for each paragraph that correlates to the thesis, and a concluding paragraph that supports the thesis.

Yay! I love schoolwork, lol. I'm sooo excited for next year! I've been making a lot of goals for myself this year and for my junior year. I can't wait for advanced drama class so I can hang with all my drama buddies; ReVisa, David, Sean, Sherica, Bri, Tabby, everbody! Which means I'll have lunch with them because it's fourth period...YAY!

So, yes. I'm very excited, lol. But, right now, I think I may go take more notes on Faulkner's book and then talk to Brian. I love you darlings! Comment? I promise to be your best frieeeeeeeend! ;) <33

PS - does anyone know how to make part of an icon transparent? if you could tell me, umm...free sex! No. :) Candy? Flowers? Tuna salad? :) If anyone knows though, please tell me! <3
Ricky: Dance-alot? Lance-alot? Who wrote this operetta anyway?
Lucy: Have you ever heard of Victor Herbert?
Ricky: Sure!
Lucy: Well, alright then.

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Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004
6:05 pm
My dad loses his temper too easily.

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11:30 am
Okay, so I'm babysitting her again, but hey, 40 bucks and she's watching "Blues Clues". I actually managed to make her watch Lucy this morning. haha. We also watched Bambi which made me bawl because I'm an emotional person, lol. Now, we're here. I was feeling kinda down in the dumps just because I'm bored, but then I saw my new icon I made last night and that made me smile. From here on out, I claim William Holden. He is sooooo mine! ;)

So, last night, I watched this new show called "Outback Jack". I'm hooked because it's so funny to see these stupid girls living in the outback to get a super super hot guy. I also watched the second part of "Joe Schmoe 2". Both of these I watched while on the treadmill. I didn't run, just sorta "power-walked" but I was on it for an hour and 36 minutes. I burned 715 calories & 223 fat calories, lol. Total, I walked 4.20 miles. But see, it went by sooo fast because I was watching tv, lol. Ah, the joys of electronics.

I'm gonna try and go on the treadmill in a few minutes if I can get Rachel to come in there and we'll watch a movie or something. I really don't want to babysit her tomorrow. I like my days to myself. I think if Brian's working tomorrow, I'm going swimming. I need a new swimsuit but that's okay. by the way, guess whose birthday is in 16 days? Mine, dahling! :)

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004
7:32 pm
Yay! Cats, I'm in such a good mood! I was in the living room talking to Daddy and I happened to look at the CD towers and saw this pink one with It Don't Mean a Thing if it Ain't Got That Swing written on the side. So I investigate and it's a big band cd! I was so happy! Apparently, when my granddad died, Granny told Mom she could take some of Granddad's CDs that she liked. Well, Mom was way too depressed to be worrying about that, but like a year later, she picked up a few. This was one of them and the Frank Sinatra - 20 Classic Tracks CD I also took, LOL! I'm telling ya cats & chicks ;) my granddad was a swinger. I loved him so much. My mom's always telling me how he loved all his grandchildren the same, but he always said I was something special. I miss him so much. I think it's so wonderful though that I can have these small pieces in memory of him that I love, not only because they were his, but because of what they are. He was an amazing person.

So, before I get all sentimental :), Rachel left around 5:30. It wasn't so bad. I had a lot of fun with her and making that movie after we figured things out. We cleaned up the mess we made in my room and then did a lot of "bloopers" at the end of the tape. Her dad came in and watched and they all laughed. I let her borrow it so she could show her mom and brother. I'm glad she's gone though. I still got twenty bucks, but Scott (her dad) asked what they owed me and I just said twenty. I could've been like, "50, BUDDY!" but I hate taking money from people when all I did was play with their daughter. Unless the daughter wears diapers. ;)

So, now, I think I'm going to listen to this CD some more and eat some smores pop-tarts :) Ta-ta dahling dears!

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1:08 pm

I suggested making a movie with Rachel. She agreed and then got frustrated because she didn't want to do it with scripts, just let it flow. so now, in my MESS OF A ROOM because she pulled apart my costume drawers, she's playing with beads and costumes while I surf the 'net. I'm so sleepy. I can't wait until her parents come, geez. I better get more than 20 fuckin' dollars.

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9:10 am
Guess who's babysitting from...now...until 5? I am. Which means, CASH and they're bringing the kid over here. She's one of mom's friend's little girl (now it's 9:08 because she came while I was typing) aka, Curt's sister. so yah. At least I get paid for when Brian and I go out shopping.

Oh, and real quick before I go, a local Atlanta tv channel here shows Lucy at 8 and 8:30 every morning! So yah, now I get triple helpings, lol. :)

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
12:37 pm
I had a crazy ass dream last night. I was in London at this big press conference about George Bush. He was giving this speech and I was sitting in a huge black leather chair by myself with my Dad sitting in one next to me. After a few minutes, this little black boy with a plate full of food came and sat next to me. Then, after the conference, Tallulah Bankhead was in the lobby of this huge hotel. I went up to her and she was like, "Dahling, I have this gorgeous dress to give you." Apparently she had "Tallulah Bankhead" original designs and she gave me one. But, it wasn't a dress, it was a pair of pants and this long blouse. It was green with like all these Asian designs on it. So, I left with it and went outside. I was also carrying a jacket and I passed by this restaurant and kept walking up the street. While I was walking, I saw all these seniors who graduated from my school this year walking along in their cap & gown. I waved to Cory and then realized that I didn't have my Tallulah Bankhead original design. So, I go back to the restaurant I passed and there was ReVisa standing there wearing it! I remember being really pissed off that she was wearing it and Cory walked by and said to ReVisa, "Take off that Chinese cheerleading outfit!" So, she ran in this public bathroom crying because I yelled. I followed her and I was like, "You always get mad at people when they take your shit so keep off of mine!" Then, I woke up.

I also had this really scary nightmare but I don't wanna talk about that one...:looks over shoulder:

Annnnnyway, isn't that a weird dream?! I thought so, lol. Last night, I read a lot more of Life After Lucy the book by Keith Thibodeaux. I never finished it when I got it like 3 Christmases ago, lol. I've also got to finish Laughs, Luck and...Lucy: How I Came to Create the Most Popular Sitcom of All Time by Jess Oppenheimer. It's autographed by his son, Gregg, who helped finish the book. The audio CD in the back of it is really great. :D

Speaking of Lucy, I told my mom that I wanted a new domain. I used to have one and it was like a visitor's site with content and stuff. But, here's my idea...I want to make a Lucy site with a domain and everything. I'm going to contact Lucie Arnaz & Desi Arnaz Jr. from their website and see if they'll link me on their site. I also want to contact Tom Watson, the Lucy fan club's president and stuff. I really want it to be known. So I think I'm going to ask my mom about that. Fun stuff! :)

So, yah. Today will be spent persuading my mommy and making layouts for the website. I'm not going to Bruster's with Brian just yet. He said maybe later if I still want to because he's working on his AP Studio Art stuff. I'm thinking I'll clean up a bit around here, treadmill & read. Sounds good to me! Oh yea, and the layouts, lol. shhh. I didn't forget! ;) Toodles, dearies!

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Sunday, June 20th, 2004
7:44 pm
father mckenzie wiping the dirt off his hands as he walks from the grave...Collapse )

Whoo, fun. So yah, happy Father's day! :) Today, we gave Daddy his gifts and cards. Tyler and I picked out a cute one for him. It was about being in the Mafia. On the front, it was a picture of a "Mafia Dad" talking to his son and saying something like, "When I was your age, I had to walk 15 miles up hill both ways just to whack a guy.." and on the inside it said, "Happy Father's Day! Fughettabout everything and enjoy it!" ROFLMAO. Okay, it may not be funny to you but I was dying.

So, after that, I got dressed and stuff, then I grabbed my video camera and Tyler and I filmed a Cops episode, LOL! Oh my gosh, it was hilarious. I was behind the camera and jumped out of my parents' room when Tyler was in the hall and I started singing, "Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna doooo..." while chasing him through the house. ROFL, then he fell down and put his hands behind his back and started screaming "I surrender!" so I got on his pack and pinned him and then Mom walked in and asked what Tyler did, lol. So, using a line I heard from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" I said, "Mom, this criminal here has been repeatedly hitting cows with porcelain figurines!" & then Tyler (who has also seen that episode) said, "But I'm not a knick knack paddywacker!" Holy cow (no pun intended) I was crying. It was so great. & it's all on tape!

anywayyyyyyyyyyy! don't insult my brother and me, lol. Does anyone remember that show? On Nickelodeon? With Aflie, DeeDee and Goob? That was a great show, lol. I digress. Okay, so, after the COPS episode, we all (except Jamie, she's sick) went to my granny's for dinner. So yah. We ate and stuff, then I went swimming and Tyler just sat by the pool because he was going to John's later so he couldn't get in. I swam for like an hour and a half and then we all came home. So yah. Now I'm here. Not bored though! Because, luckily, it's 8:04 PM which means the day's almost over which means tomorrow's coming faster which means ICE CREAM! :) Ta-ta!

What classic movie will you star in? by sdsusie5
Favorite Color
Classic MovieSome Like it Hot
PartThe cute little kid
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What classic actress were you in a past life? by sdsusie5
ActressTallulah Bankhead
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Saturday, June 19th, 2004
9:11 pm - nothing to doooo...
don't even bother looking. it's another bold the movies you've seen deal. yes, i'm THAT BOREDCollapse )

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12:13 pm
Okay, I think this is the most bored I've ever been! Let's start with last night so I can prove it...

Last night, I made a new screenname. Like my fourth in a week. I think only Maggie and Meaghan will get it, but it's phipps are gyps. LOL, I was singing the song all day yesterday:
"Phipps are a great big bunch of gyps!"
"P-p-p-p-P-H-I-P-P-S Phipps!"

Okay, so, after I made that, I decided to play Lucy Monopoly with my family. I wanted to play my "I Love Lucy" trivia game but everyone loses but me and Tyler's the only one (besides me) who likes the regular "I Love Lucy" board game. So, Lucy Monopoly (I hate regular monopoly but lovvvve this one) is what I pull out. Jamie was watching TV, Mom was on the computer, Tyler had Curt over so they were playing video games and Daddy was out. No one wanted to play! I felt so pitiful that I played by myself. I was upset too, no one in this family ever wants to do ANYTHING!

So, I came to my room even more bored. I tried to go to bed around 12 but I couldn't, so I got up and just walked around my room, watched some Lucy episodes, just the regular stuff. I finally went to bed at about 1:40.

This morning, I woke up at 11 again. ugh. No one was here except Jamie because Tyler had an early baseball game. So, again, I'm bored. They get back and I ask Tyler if he wants to go swimming at Granny's because I haven't been yet this Summer. He wanted to, but of course, they have their end-of-the season party for recreation baseball and that's at 2:30. Then, they're all going to the Braves game tonight. UGH! I'm sick of being in this house.

I can't wait until Monday. Brian's off from work so we're gonna go to Bruster's (he gets stuff half off since he works there) and he promised to get me something since I've been so bored. Maybe Monday night or something, I can hang out with Emily & Grace again. I'm just ready to do something, gosh.

& now I'm bored with writing this. Wow, I killed about 10-15 minutes. New record.

Okay, so, I think all of you should leave me your AIM s/n and we'll all chat. I need something to occupy my time with! :)

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Friday, June 18th, 2004
4:31 pm
:yawn: Oh my goodness, I'm sooooo sleepy! I don't know why. I woke up at 11. ugh. & now I'm ready to fall dead asleep. I may take a nap in a little while.

So, today, nothing has happened. Very very very boring. I talked to Brian. :shrug: That's pretty much it. I've been waiting for Mr. Collins (my AP US History teacher for next year) to call me back. I called the school last night around 6:30 and left him a message in his voice mailbox asking him to give me a call about where I could get that book I need. I hope he calls back soon or else I'll have to order it online.

Man, this summer's really really boring. Tomorrow, I'm picking up Daddy's Father's Day gift. For Christmas, I was going to get him this Ed Sullivan Show tape with nothing but Beatles appearances (he's a HUGE Beatles nut - guess where I get it from?) but I got him something different. So tomorrow, I'm hoping Mom can give me a ride up there to pick it up. Maybe she'll let me drive now that I've got my learner's. So I waited a year, no big deal! :)

Okay, I just remembered that ma mere asked me to do the dishes so I guess I'll scoot my boot and do that now. Then, take a nap or something. :hits head on desk and drools: Ta-ta!

Which classic actor will you marry? by sdsusie5
The lucky manBob Hope
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Hell yeah! <3 I love Bob Hope! He was cute ;)

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Thursday, June 17th, 2004
8:15 am
Oh my goodness, I've been laughing since like 8:00. I've been watching this TVLand's Top 10 TV Dads. We're on number 3 now I think and it's Archie Bunker. I'm betting twenty cents (hey, I'm broke) that the #1 Dad is Mike Brady. I can't believe Ricky hasn't been on here yet. But anyway, I keep laughing because of what people are saying. I put two quotes from Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship of Eddie's Father") in my AIM profile:

Talking about Ward Cleaver; "I mean, what did the guy do? You never saw him do anything. Was he a lawyer? An agent? I mean, all he really did was wear bitchin' sweaters and ties in the middle of the day."

Talking about Homer Simpson; "I'm sure it was hard for him being a dad of those kids. I mean, Maggie sucked on a pacifer for, what, 7, 8 years? That's quite an oral fixation."

Oh gosh, I couldn't stop laughing. Annnnnnyway...

I've been keeping up with my workout, dahlings! I ran a mile on the treadmill yesterday, 25 crunches, 25 sit ups and 25 hydrants on each leg 2x! I was sweating like a nasty pig, lol. Man, I love summer. Which reminds me...I need to get that book for AP US History! I already know that'll be my favorite class <3 but Barnes & Noble said they couldn't get the book for me. :shrug: I'm going to call Mr. Collins' voicemail box at school and ask him if he has any left I could buy or where he got his. Or else I'll have to get it off of Amazon.

Guess who's birthday is in 22 days? SAM'S IS! I already ordered one thing for my birthday. The new Lucy-Desi scrapbook that comes out in late August. I pre-ordered it for like, 35 dollars I think. But I can't wait until it comes in! I honestly, might cry when I get it, lol. I'm an emotional person, shut up! don't insult me :(

& guess what today is? Sam + Brian's 20 month anniversary! :does a jig: Aw, he's cute. Last night, before Daddy took us all to this Styx concert, we stopped at Bruster's to get some milkshakes and Brian was working. I'm so glad him and my Dad are so close. Dad talks to Brian on the phone if he calls for me sometimes. They're cute :) aww.

ANNNNYWAYYYY, I'm really glad I woke up at my normal time today. That means I won't miss Lucy. Is anyone else MAD that TVLand only shows her once a day now?! I AM. I mean, I hate these 48 hour marathons they do every weekend now. You never ever get to see the shows you want! Last weekend it was "Gunsmoke" and this weekend it's "Bonanza". yuck. They should do a 48 hour marathon of Lucy! Thank goodness for DVDs and videos!

By the way, I just lost my 20 cents. Andy Griffith was the #1 Dad. What's up with that, yo? Mike Brady wasn't even on the list. That's MESSED ^. haha. Okay, time for a shower to wash away the stench of idiot I'm wearing.

I promise, I'm okay. :) Ta-ta!

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
2:40 pm - Lucille Ball is love
I Love LucyCollapse )

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Sunday, June 13th, 2004
12:14 pm
Okay, so I'm using this journal because I missed livejournal. I really like greatestjournal.com though because you can have all of those usericons! So I think I'll still update there and here!

So, today, I'm going to be cleaning out my closet, drawers and under bed. Then, I'm taking pictures so I can show everyone what my room looks like! I also think I might watch some movies later. I've got to clean my bathroom too, but that's no biggie. Besides, I've got to take pictures of my Lucy showercurtain! Hehe.

Okay, I guess I'll go ahead and do all that. Toodles, dahlings!

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